How to Get an Email Address at TU Graz?

Prerequisite for a personal email address on the servers of ZID of Graz University of Technology is either to be a staff member, a student or a member of the alumni association and as such to have a personal TUGRAZonline account.

The email addresses are created according to the "FCFS" principle. For this reason it is possible that e. g. may already be assigned to a person at another institute, so it is pointless to issue guidelines for the format of email addresses at the institute (unless you have your own institute email server, but even then there may be name similarities).

Staff (, Server

  • In the course of creating your TUGRAZonline account you also have to choose an email address from a suggestion (combination of given name and surname), the email account will be created automatically by this.
  • Automatic forwarding of emails to external addresses is not allowed!
  • If no suggestion really fits (because all suggestions are very long, for example), then please choose an address anyway and then contact IT support, who can adjust the address by using only a part of your last name, for example.
    So instead of only
  • If this address no longer complies with the rules, you can request a new (additional) address for your mailbox.
    1. If the surname changes (e. g. due to marriage), you can choose a new additional email address directly in TUGRAZonline, as soon as the surname has been updated in TUGRAZonline.
    2. If only the given name has changed, please write to the IT support, who will then set up the new (additional) address.
    The old address will continue to work (however, a maximum of 2 addresses can be valid, i. e. if this happens more often, you will have to have an old address deleted if necessary). Both addresses point to the same mailbox, i. e. no forwarding is necessary (on the contrary, it might even lead to a loop), also the settings in your email client remain the same (the username will not be changed), only the sender address (and the real name) have to be corrected by yourself in almost all programs - like email client (also webmail), news client, … - only the exchange server (and thus OWA) will be reconfigured automatically.
  • After termination of the service or legal relationship with Graz University of Technology, the data and the email account (i. e. also forwarding etc.) will be deleted. Staff members can join the Alumni Association and thus receive an alumni address and can redirect their service address there.
  • If the email address is used privately, these emails should be moved to clearly designated folders ("privat", "private", …).


Students (, Server

  • You will need a TUGRAZonline account - you will receive the OTP (PIN) required for the setup from "Student Services". In the course of setting up this TUGRAZonline account, an email account is also created.
    The email address can be chosen from several suggestions (consisting of parts of the first name and the last name - e. g. or

    Example: or

  • If no suggestion really fits (because all suggestions are very long, for example), then please choose an address anyway and then contact IT support, who can adjust the address by using only a part of your last name, for example.
    So instead of only
  • If a change of the name is registered by " Studien Service", then one can request the change of the email address from the postmaster, specifying the user name and the desired new email address.
    Planned: you will be offered the possibility to change your email address the next time you log in to TUGRAZonline.
    Attention: The old address is then no longer valid - so please note that the reply address in all your email clients (including webmail) must be changed by you (do not forget to change your real name!).
  • Private use is allowed as long as it does not violate the Information Security Policy or the AUP and supplementary policies (e. g. inappropriate use for private purposes or personal business, obstructing other users, etc.).


Graduates (, Server

  • Again, you need a personal username and you have to join the alumni association alumniTUGraz 1887 (in the first year after graduation TU Graz takes over the costs and you automatically become a member), then you can create an alumni email address via the alumni profile in TUGRAZonline.
  • If you have an existing student account, you don't get new access data, everything remains the same except for the email address - but it is important that you have to reconfigure every (email) client (also webmail) now, otherwise a wrong address will be used as sender address.
  • If one leaves the graduate association again, then the access to the emails is blocked and the e-mails are deleted.
  • Forwarding from the student to the graduate address (or vice versa) is no longer necessary (on the contrary: this would be counterproductive), since both addresses point to the same inbox!
    The old address ( will only work, if a study is still in progress!

I. e.: Even if the alumni server is at the same time the student server, the student email address (or only works if you are also registered as a student - in the same way the alumni address only works if you are a member of the alumni association!


Non-personal Email Adresses (, Server

Function-related (generic) email boxes (e. g.,, …) can only be set up centrally, but are in no case intended to give such an email address to persons who otherwise do not get one from TU Graz!
At the exchange server no own accounts are set up for this purpose, either email addresses for groups are set up in TUGRAZonline (forwarding to the email addresses of the group members) or system mailboxes are created, for which it can then be defined via TUGRAZonline which accounts at the exchange server have access rights there.


Email addresses on Servers of OUs

Institutes can operate existing (historical) own email (sub-)domains - both on virtual and (with appropriate knowledge) on real servers - but new email domains in the TU domain are no longer assigned by decision of the rectorate.
In both cases (real/virtual) the "EDV-Beauftragte" define in the TUGRAZonline application "Mail Routing" where the (new) addresses point to. In the case of real servers the corresponding addresses have to be created on the institute server as well, in the case of a virtual server only a (valid) email address has to be entered.
According to Rectorate Decision 036/2014, email addresses may only be assigned to active employees of Graz University of Technology, automatical forwarding of emails to external addresses is not allowed!