What Happens (With My Emails) When I Leave TU Graz?

Please note that you yourself are responsible for handing over official emails to your successors or superiors, you must also back up your private emails yourself, the easiest way to do this is to set up another mailbox in your email client, into which you can then move your private emails using "drag & drop". Some email clients also offer the possibility to create backups of the emails.

On Servers of the OU

For organizational units with "own" (email) servers, according to Rectorate Decision 036/2014, the analogous regulations apply as for the (email) servers of ZID: Accounts are to be deactivated with the day of departure, for email addresses - if desired - a redirection to an alumni email address of TU Graz can be set up via "Mail Routing" in TUGRAZonline.

On Servers of ZID

On the central servers, the (email) accounts are coupled with TU Graz accounts, i. e. as long as the TU Graz account is valid, the (email) account (including forwarding, automatic replies, etc.) is generally also valid, the TU Graz account will be deactivated on the day of leaving.

After deactivation of the TU Graz account, the data (e. g. emails) remain stored for a short time (e. g. in case of erroneous deletion of accounts in TUGRAZonline), after that the data are deleted from the hard disks, but the email filters (forwarding, autoreply, …) already become ineffective with deactivation of the TU Graz account.
Please note that in all systems in which you have stored your TU email address either as a username or as a contact address, e. g. for resetting the password, you should store a new address!
In the TU Graz email system you should set up an automatic reply early enough informing about the new address. This automatic reply will also be deactivated with the end of the account!

Staff Members

Employees, teachers, research fellows, persons in the scientific service, university assistants and contract staff can redirect their email address in the format @tugraz.at to their alumni email address in the format @alumni.tugraz.at via the application "Email Redirection" in the column "Services" in the TUGRAZonline business card in the staff member profile.

Staff Member Businesscard

This redirection can only be set up while the ATP is running and it is necessary to have already activated an alumni address for it:


If you do not have an alumni address yet, you will be notified:


Note In this case, one must first activate the alumni profile via the "alumni and contact network" application (also in the business card in the staff profile) and then join the alumni association.

The redirection (and thus the former staff email address) remains valid as long as one is a paying member of the alumni association.
If you do not want to receive these emails later (but still want to continue using the alumni address), you can delete the redirection via the TUGRAZonline business card in the alumni profile:



In the time between deactivation and deletion of the account, Exchange-internal emails will continue to be delivered to the Exchange mailbox without warning or error message.
However, since you can no longer access them there, you should definitely set up a forwarding to your alumni address via OWA. This forwarding will also be deactivated with the deletion of the account (in contrast to the redirection via TUGRAZonline).



For students, generally 2 dates are important: December 17th and May 17th - this is approx. 2 weeks after the end of the post-enrollment period: if no confirmation about the continuation of studies has been received by then, the student profile in the TU Graz account will be blocked and the email address will be deleted - the data in the mailbox, however, only if you are also not (anymore) a member of the alumni association.

If there is a deregistration (e. g. due to graduation) and there is no 2nd active study, then the above mentioned dates are already valid for the current semester (i. e. even if you are still actively registered in the current semester).
Example: You have enrolled for the summer semester, then successfully complete your studies in April, then your account will be closed on May 17th if you have not enrolled for any further studies.

If you successfully complete your studies and can thus become a member of the alumni association for free in the first year, you will still have access to your student emails if you activate an alumni address, as these are stored in the same inbox as the alumni emails, but the student email address will no longer work!

However, since the email address will change in any case (if you are not pursuing another degree), you should set up an auto-reply early enough that informs of the future new address.

And note that with external systems (other email providers, social media accounts etc.) you should check if you have entered your @student.tugraz.at- or your @sbox.tugraz.at-address as recovery address - you should change this, because this address will not exist for much longer.



Graduates get - if they join the alumni association "alumniTUGraz 1887" (in the first year after successful completion of studies the membership in the association is free of charge) - an email address in the domain alumni.tugraz.at.

This address is then valid as long as you are a (paying) member of the alumni association and points to the same inbox at the server sbox.tugraz.at as a possibly existing student email address, i. e. you have full access to the student emails, but the student email address continues to work only if you pursue further studies (e. g. PhD).


Group Mailboxes and Distribution Groups

These addresses will exist until they are deleted by ZID at the request of the TUGRAZonline or IT officers.