Test of Content

If the arriving email has passed the formal tests MIMEDefang checks the content.

Header Check

Check if header has a valid id:
< id-left @ id-right >


Virus Test

clamav (Clam Anti Virus) checks incoming (and outgoing) emails on „malware“, virus pattern will be updated every hour.

Infected emails will be rejected with error code at SMTP-layer.


Spam Check

All incoming emails, that passed the former tests will be delivered, even if SpamAssassin rates the email as spam. Outgoing emails, which have been rated as spam will be rejected.

Starting with spam score 3.5 "[ SPAM? ]" will be added to the subject, some other lines will be added to the header. You can define filters for these emails depending on spam score or "spam level" (= corresponding number of #).



Information about attachments.