Spamfilter at TU Graz

First of all we use Nolisting ("Poor Man's Greylisting"): no effort, much effect! After that we start our spam tests:

Because of the big amount of daily spam emails (UBE/UCE) we try to refuse as much spam emails as possible at SMTP layer so we don't have to deal with the content of the emails.

Tests that don't Apply on the Content

First all emails have to pass formal tests.


Tests Dealing with the Content of Emails

After the email has passed the formal tests we check the content of the email.


Common Problems

  1. Some servers don't use their FQDN but something.local or .lan - so we respond with

    550 5.7.1 HELO something.local from RFC 2606 reserved domains blocked

    because ".local", ".lan", … are no valid internet domains!

    If you disable our spam filters (see below) you disable this feature, too, but it is preferred to change the settings of the Exchange server of the sender, which can be done within a few minutes!

  2. If you use Outlook you should disable the junk filters, there and only use server side filters, instead.


Solving Problems

Please read our error messages - we don't send them to the (assumed) sender but to the sending SMTP server!

If you want to report a problem: we need the IP address of the SMTP server, not the sender's email address!


Why so complicated?

Because it is more secure!