Non-personal Email Addresses (Avatar)

For some requirements, such as conference organisation, secretariat, special tasks, … it is possible to set up special non-personal email addresses (example:,, or

For larger groups (with external addresses) a mailing list like is probably best suited!

On the Exchange server, either a group mailbox or a distribution group is set up for you; only accounts that are registered in Active Directory (employees and "identified guests") have access.

If contact groups (usually entered in the local email client) are to be shared with others, then a group mailbox can be set up for this purpose; external addresses can of course also be entered in such contact groups ("customer service company xyz" etc.).

An email address (distribution group or group mailbox) can also be set up for dynamic groups in TUGRAZonline - e. g. all employees of an institute, i. e. all persons with a service or legal relationship or "Other persons". In this case, new staff members of the institute automatically receive access or are automatically forwarded the emails.

Distribution Group

A distribution group is largely equivalent to an alias list (a forwarding to one or more addresses), and members of a distribution list can only be staff members. Emails to the distribution group are delivered to all members of the distribution group. Each distribution group receives an email address ending in "" and can be reached without restrictions.

With EAS/EWS you cannot (in contrast to IMAP) use this address as a sending address!
Another disadvantage is (as with alias lists) that changes can only be made by ZID.


Group Mailbox

A group mailbox is used so that several employees can access a common mailbox (e. g. - each group mailbox is given an email address with the ending "") and send emails on its behalf. It allows work groups and project teams to share a calendar, task lists or contacts and edit them depending on permissions.

The authorisation levels are:
Employees are allowed to read all information (mails, calendar, contacts and tasks) in the mailbox.
Read and write:
Staff members are allowed to read and modify all information (mails, calendars, contacts and tasks) in the mailbox.
Send on behalf:
Staff members are allowed to send emails on behalf of the group mailbox.

External persons cannot get access to the mailbox and cannot send emails with the group mailbox address. If they need access to the emails, a forwarding must be set up.

However, forwarding can also be set up to other TU addresses - similar to the distribution groups - but with the advantage that the authorized persons can do this without the ZID.

Further information



Please contact IT support, specify the desired email address, the type of mailbox and the "display name" of the mailbox and who is responsible for the mailbox.